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MRI is a good examination method to detect and differentiate fractures, arthritis, damage to ligaments and joints in the hands and wrists.

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Why is the forearm examined with a magnetic camera?

An examination with a magnetic camera of the forearm can demonstrate damage or pathological changes in the skeleton or soft tissue of the forearm. The examination can also show if the nerve pathways are pinched, as in carpal tunnel syndrome, and if there are ongoing inflammatory processes in joints, around muscles or ligament attachments. The hand and wrist are extremely complex structures with some of the body's most complicated joint systems. MRI is a good examination method to detect and differentiate fractures, arthritis, damage to ligaments and joints in the hands and wrists. The examination takes approximately 45 minutes.


What can be detected by MR Forearm?

  • Wrist fracture
  • Inflammation
  • Arthritis
  • Fractures
  • Ligament damage
  • Tumors
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome


If you have metal splinters, a pacemaker, an insulin pump or other electronic equipment in your body, you cannot be examined with a magnetic camera. Metal that is not magnetic, on the other hand, does not pose an obstacle for magnetic camera examination.

How does it happen?

A magnetic camera looks like a tunnel with two openings on each side. During the examination itself, you lie still on a bed that is brought into a tunnel that is about 2 meters long. The image taking itself produces sound, which is why hearing protection is offered. The magnetic camera takes several series of images during the examination, up to hundreds, in order to e.g. be able to image organs and tissues. The examination usually takes between 30-45 minutes and if you are worried there are usually sedatives available. After a completed examination, you can almost always leave the clinic and return to your everyday life.

Survey results

Your results are always reviewed by x-ray specialists and analyzed and compiled by specialist doctors in an individual written report that is sent to you within 7-10 working days after a completed examination. Note that the price refers to 1 forearm. After your order, we will call you and take that information.


Feel safe with our secure payment solutions

9 900 kr


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Within a week, a summons will arrive from the clinic

Our partner Evidia (formerly Aleris) sends out a summons to your civil registry address with all the information before the examination.


Results within two weeks of completed examination

Specialist doctors review the examination and an X-ray report is sent to you by post. Further processing is included if necessary (referral to healthcare provider).

Do I really need to know?

Early detection proves to be the best treatment.

Avoiding serious diseases is to detect them in time, which gives the greatest chance of treatment and recovery, serious diseases usually take several years to develop and sometimes without any symptoms until it is too late. The statistics show that if a tumor is detected early, you have at least a 90 % chance of survival.

If you wait to examine your body and discover a tumor when symptoms have started to appear, the survival rate is significantly reduced. A large proportion of those affected would have survived the disease if it had been detected earlier.

By taking a full-body MRI scan, signs of the disease can be found early, which is the best treatment against cancer.

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“Helpful! I couldn't read my report at first but when I called the magnet lab they helped me immediately by sending me a new report in a readable format. Overall good experience with them. Got an appointment within 2 weeks and everything went super smoothly. Recommend!"

“ The magnet lab called the same day I placed my order. A summons from the clinic arrived a couple of days later. Booked at Evidia backa. They had free parking which made everything smoother. The staff were friendly and helpful. I was admitted immediately and the MRI only took about 20 minutes from start to finish. I got my result within 5 days. "

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