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Magnetic resonance imaging examinations are completely harmless and do not expose you to any ionizing radiation like regular X-rays do. All examinations are carried out by licensed healthcare personnel in connection with specialist clinics.

Magnetröntgen helkropp

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Magnetic X-ray Whole body

A magnetic camera examination of the whole body is suitable for those who want to get a clear and comprehensive insight into their state of health.

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Can I undergo an MRI examination without seeing a doctor?

Yes you can. Immediately after your order, you will be asked to fill in a digital form with questions regarding your health.

Your answers contain the information needed for you to undergo the examination you have chosen.

Your health form is always reviewed by our specialist doctor and you will be contacted if further information is needed.

Do you have questions regarding our surveys? Contact Us, or read more about our investigations.

Who are our doctors and clinics?

All our doctors have Swedish identification and specialist competence issued by the National Board of Health and Welfare. When ordering, you will be able to choose at which clinic you want to perform your magnetic resonance imaging examination. Our partners are located in the following clinics and cities:
  • Evidia Röntgen Backa (Gothenburg)
  • Evidia X-ray Borås
  • Evidia X-ray Sundsvall
  • Evidia X-ray Umeå
  • Evidia Sabbatsberg Hospital Stockholm
  • Evidia X-ray Annedal in Gothenburg
  • Evidia X-ray Jönköping
  • Evidia X-ray Karlstad
  • Evidia X-ray Malmö

Does it entail any risk to be examined with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)?

No, the magnetic camera examination is completely harmless and does not produce radiation, unlike computed tomography (CT) and traditional X-rays. MRI technology involves taking images using magnetic fields and radio waves without any X-ray radiation, which makes it completely harmless. Therefore, you can be examined with MR several times without any risk of radiation damage.

What do the magnet lab's examinations add if I have private health insurance?

The Magnetlab's examinations aim to detect diseases even before you develop symptoms. MR scanning and other advanced examinations are not offered for preventive purposes by private healthcare insurances or county councils.
The cost of examination at Magnetlabbet is not covered by private health insurance.

How does it work when I pay by card, Klarna, direct debit or invoice?

You can pay by card, Klarna or via direct bank. We accept VISA and MASTERCARD. When you pay by card, the payment is handled safely and reliably by the payment solution DIBS by Nets. Contact us with questions.
We use 3D Secure, which is a global security standard developed by Visa (Verified by Visa) and MasterCard (MasterCard SecureCode). This security solution enables the identification of the card customer during card payments on the Internet.

How do I book my examination after ordering?

After your order, one of our employees will call you to collect the necessary information for your examination and choose an examination time that suits you. In case of questions or rebookings, you have a direct number you can call for fast service.

The investigations are carried out

over, 500 customers last year,

MR Abdomen/MRCP

MR Abdomen examines the kidneys, spleen, liver, gall bladder, bile ducts, bladder, ureters and pancreas.

magnetröntgen prostata

Based on the MR images, precise tissue samples can be taken to investigate suspicious changes.

helkropp MR
MR Whole Body

magnetic camera examination of the whole body is suitable for those who want to get a clear and comprehensive insight into their state of health.

Mr axlar
MRI Axis

The shoulder is the most mobile part of the body and during life can give rise to pain and reduced mobility in the shoulder joint.

Quickly and safely in four steps

Direct insight into your health with advanced health examinations


Order your survey

Order the survey you want on our website. Then choose a location for the examination in connection with your booking.



Pay smoothly and easily with Klarna, choose e.g. bank card, Swish or invoice. If you are an entrepreneur, contact us for an invoice.


Wait for a summons

Within 7-10 days, a summons will be sent to your civil registration address and e-mail. The summons includes information about time and place as well as preparations for the examination. If the time doesn't suit, it's easy to rebook.


Get your results

Your results are ready within 7 working days of the examination and are reviewed by a specialist doctor. The results of your examination will arrive in the mail.

Our customers tells

“Helpful! I couldn't read my report initially but when I called the magnet lab they helped me immediately by sending me a new report in a readable format. Overall good experience with them. Got an appointment within 2 weeks and everything went super smoothly. Recommend! "

“ The magnet labs were very helpful and I highly recommend them. I spoke to them on Sunday and had a scan the very next week. Then got an email saying my report and scan were available on Friday. The price was also reasonable and even if I had to pay myself it was worth it. Excellent service and very helpful doctors who helped me through the examination even thought I was claustrophobic! Couldn't recommend them more highly! "

“ The magnet lab called the same day I placed my order. A summons from the clinic arrived a couple of days later. Booked at Evidia backa. They had free parking which made everything smoother. The staff were friendly and helpful. I was admitted immediately and the MRI only took about 20 minutes from start to finish. I got my result within 5 days. "

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Through an MRI examination, you can gain knowledge about how your body is doing. With timely knowledge, you can prevent and prevent the onset of diseases. With an MR examination, you get a good insight into how your body is doing. The examination can also be used to see if an injury has healed or if a treatment or operation has had the desired effect.

We offer an examination that is fast, flexible and safe. Within seven days of ordering, you will undergo an examination. The results are then analyzed and compiled by licensed specialist doctors within seven days.

Even if the examination as such does not hurt, for some it can be unpleasant because you are expected to lie still in a cramped space. In many receptions, it is fine to bring a relative into the examination room for support. Tell the staff before the examination if you want sedative medication or need other help.

To get access to the same examinations via your health centre, you first need to get/convince your doctor to get a referral for the corresponding examination. Then you have to wait, in many cases several months, before the examination can be carried out. It works differently depending on where in the country you live and the health center you are connected to.

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